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U.S. Veterinary Officers Hold A Seminar in the Chilean Army Health Command

By Chilean Army Website | Chilean's Army | April 19, 2018

In the context of the 120th Anniversary of the Veterinary Service that takes place on April 18, a seminar on "Vector Control in Military Operations", given by the Veterinary and Health Officers of the Ministry of Health, takes place between the 16th and the 20th of this month. US Army in the Army Health Command, and directed to the personnel of the aforementioned Service of the Santiago Garrison and other Army Units.

The activity has as exhibitors the Veterinary Officers of the United States Army, Lieutenant Colonel Jessica Cowden, Lieutenant Colonel Eric Lombardini and Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Clark.

According to the Chief of Veterinary Service of the Army, Colonel (OSV) Amulio Olivera R., "this course is part of the preparation of veterinary officers for environmental health care in the Land Force, Peace Operations and disaster support natural and allows to verify that the activities developed and promoted by the Veterinary Service of the Chilean Army, is in full consistency with the activities of military veterinary medicine executed by the US Army ".

The seminar is based on the experience of the US Army in the field and contains important scientific and technical contributions in the area of ​​environmental health, framed in the activities of public health and veterinary military, related to the control of zoonotic diseases transmitted by vectors with application in Possible deployments in Africa and epidemiological surveillance of the northern border (Zika Virus and Yellow Fever), Southern Zone (Hantavirus), Easter Island (Dengue) and in Peace Operations.

Finally and in addition to the activities of the course, the American Officials will participate in the anniversary ceremony of the Veterinary Service, which will be held in the Auditorium of the Military Hospital of Santiago, where they will present a master class on the development of this service in the USA that dates back to 1916.