The Defense Institute for Medical Operations provides education to international military and civilian healthcare professionals (physicians, nurses, laboratory, and paraprofessional workers in the healthcare arena) in the host country and in the United States. A train-the-trainer format is used whenever possible. Partnering with other services and other government and non-government agencies is possible and encouraged.

The courses offered by DIMO can be divided into six major areas of focus:  Health System Management, Bioterrorism / Chemical Radiological Threats, Medical Skills Training, Disaster Planning, Global / Public Health and Resident Courses.
Health System Management
  • MASL D309044 - (E-IMET) Nursing Administration
  • MASL D309028 - (E-IMET) Health Resource Management (HRM)
  • MASL D309042 - (E-IMET) Health Systems Development (HSD)
Bioterrorism, Chemical and Radiological Threats
  • MASL D309020 - (E-IMET) Biological Weapons and Emerging National Security Threats
  • MASL D309090 - (E-IMET) Chemical Agent Medical Emergency Management
  • MASL D309082 - Chemical / Biological / Radiological / Nuclear (CBRN) Incident and Medical Response 
  • MASL D309058 - (E-IMET) Laboratory Biosecurity and Biosafety
Medical Skills Training
  • MASL D309068 - Basic First Responder for Non-Medics
  • MASL D309055 - MASCAL Response for Healthcare Personnel
  • MASL D309046 - Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC)
  • MASL D309083 - Burn Trauma
  • MASL D309045 - (E-IMET) Trauma Nursing
  • MASL D309025 - Surgical Trauma Response Techniques (STRT)
  • MASL D309022 - En Route Critical Care (ECC)
  • MASL D309018 - (E-IMET) Mental Health Services After Disasters and Combat
  • MASL D309110 - International Trauma Life Support (ITLS)

Disaster Planning
  • MASL D309041 - (E-IMET) Disaster Planning (Basic)
  • MASL D309057 - (E-IMET) Disaster Planning (Advanced)
  • MASL D309070 - (E-IMET) Disaster Planning and Emergency Management (Senior Leaders)
  • MASL D309113 - Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Leadership
  • MASL D309080 - (E-IMET) Medical Support / Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Response
  • MASL D309017 - (E-IMET) Public Health Emergencies
  • MASL D309011 - (E-IMET) Regional Trauma System Development and Management

Global / Public Health
  • MASL D309040 - (E-IMET) Leadership Course in HIV / AIDS Program Development
  • MASL D309094 - Ebola for UN Peacekeepers
  • MASL D309069 - (E-IMET) Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology Program Development
  • MASL D309107 - Medical Readiness Principles of Food Protection
  • MASL D309108 - Mitigating Foodborne Risks During Deployments
  • MASL D309053 - Operational Preventive Medicine
  • MASL D309088 - (E-IMET) Gender-Based Violence (GBV)
  • MASL D309105 - (E-IMET) Gender-Based Violence II (GBV-II) Leadership Course
  • MASL D309100 - (E-IMET) Outbreak Detection and Response
  • MASL D309059 - (E-IMET) Infection Control in Ebola and Pandemic Management
  • MASL D309106 - Malaria and Other Infectious Disease Threats
Resident Courses - San Antonio, Texas
  • MASL D175466 - (E-IMET) Executive Healthcare Resource Management
  • MASL D175134 - (E-IMET) Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Women's Health
  • MASL D175467 - (E-IMET) HIV / AIDS Planning and Policy Development
Needs Assessment
  • MASL D305041 - Training Needs Assessment / Site Survey    

Designed to survey and assess needs, formulate future medical training plans, and establish attainable training goals. 

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